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Easter Eggs

2009-04-12 21:48:23 by Kamari-no-Hyrule


O.K. So, I've got 2 (count them: TWO) videos coming out right now;

The first is an Easter video called "Bachelor Bunnies," which will feature the voices of my friends Iaruk, Majorgeneral, & Manguusu.

The second is a re-release of Crazymonkey154's "Music Vid- White & Nerdy", which I'm helping him build on.

I started both these projects at about the same time, so I don't know which will be finished first (Its probobly going to be the bunny one, since Crazymonkey154 needs to do some final editing on the other one, if it gets published at all lol).

Thats all I wanted to say on the matter. *burp* PEACE!

Easter Eggs


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2009-05-02 22:48:00

Wait, I'm supposed to be editing? I didn't know I was supposed to do that. But do work on the new version AND give me credit.